because we are all different

Why choose tailor-made?

For a truly bespoke and personal experience that makes the best out of your valuable time away from work, a tailor-made experience is what you need. Why should you have to fit in a pre-decided itinerary thought up to fit someone else’s needs and wishes? Make the most out of your travel experience and get exactly what you want for you and your guests.

What makes you thick?

We’re good but we’re not clairvoyant, so there is no way that we can create a truly special tailor-made experience without getting to know you first. So that’s exactly the first thing what we do.
We listen. We understand. We listen again.
We then go off and plan your trip in a way that ensures that every single detail is taken care of and exceeds your expectations.

Malta has many faces, which one is yours?

We love the Maltese Islands and know them inside out; we know what each and very town, village, beach resort, restaurant, bar, club and museum has to offer, but we also know that not every experience suits every traveller. Whether you’re more interested to learn about Malta’s history, immerse yourselves in the local way of life, relax in a 5 star luxury resort, or push the envelope with a diving adventure, our travel experts will make sure you achieve your travel goals, whatever they may be.

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