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Group travel not only exposes you to new experiences and adventures but also teaches you a lot about yourself. Whether you’re visiting Malta for a few days, weeks or to get away from your country’s cold winter months, Sunspot’s travel agents are geared to help you explore the islands in a way that opens your mind, and shifts your perspective.

Travelling solo in

Most solo travellers are concerned with safety and the level of hospitality of their destination, but when it comes to travelling solo to Malta you need to worry no more!
Not only are crime rates in Malta much lower than any other European state and tourist destinations, but the Maltese are known for their superior hospitality, warmth and sometimes, excessive friendliness. In general, the locals are very sociable and are likely to welcome you into their homes to feast off their tables.


With 137km of coastline, it’s almost impossible to miss a romantic sunset in Malta, so if you’re after a dreamy and memorable time with that special person, you’ve found the perfect place. Our travel consultants at Sunspot will fuel your romantic soul by organising an itinerary to fit your romantic wishes. Should you wish to pop the question, here you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of secluded beaches, historic sites, and awe-inspiring cliffs, caves, gardens and even bastions.

The Family or
Holiday in Malta

Travelling with friends and family for leisure can be one of the most exciting, liberating and connecting experiences. We love to expose our guests to new places, and to the local way of life, so no matter how big or small your group is, leave the planning to us, whilst you enjoy the best our that our beautiful islands have to offer. From Barbecues and boat charters, to a night out on the town – anything you and your family and friends could possibly think of to spend some quality time together, can be arranged by our travel consultants.

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